New York Vanilla Gourmet Pure Natural Ugandan Vanilla Beans, Premium Whole 2 Vanilla beans Grade A – Perfect For Making Vanilla Extract, Baking, Gourmet Cooking, Ice Cream, Vanilla Bean Syrup & More - Glass Tube

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Newyork Gourmet Pure Organic Ugandan Vanilla Beans is a must-have kitchen flavor for your cooking and baking quality, flavor and taste.

Made from premium quality Ugandan vanilla beans, our organic vanilla extract exudes a rich caramel aroma with a bourbon scent, which heightens both flavor and fragrance of whichever food or beverage it is added to. Gourmet Ugandan Vanilla Beans have a sweet aroma and can be used in cooking, baking, diary and to add flavor to alcoholic drinks.

Our Gourmet Ugandan Vanilla Beans are organically grown in Uganda and have a perfumed scent with a woody or smoky flavor. Is it cooking or baking, cocktail or beverage, our Ugandan Vanilla Beans bring flavor to every crust and craving.

Our Vanilla Beans are ethically sourced through Fair Trade. 100% organic Non-GMO Gluten-free, Natural and no corn syrup used.

Perfect for baking cookies, pies, cakes, etc. ETHICALLY SOURCED: Our vanilla is grown in Uganda with Fair Trade assistance. The vanilla is grown on small farms in rural Uganda where it is harvested and dried by the local farmers.

USE: •Baking cookies, cakes, etc. •Cooking •Dairy i.e. ice cream, yoghurt. •Neutralize the small of paint •Acts as an insect repellant. •Works as an air freshener in light bulbs, fridge, and microwave, etc.

Storage Tips: Store in cool, dark, dry place (60 – 80 F).