Vanilla Bean Honey : A Sweet and Flavorful Homemade Delight

Vanilla Bean Honey : A Sweet and Flavorful Homemade Delight

 Vanilla Bean Honey 

Indulge your taste buds with the exquisite flavors of homemade organic vanilla bean honey. This easy-to-make recipe combines the natural sweetness of honey with the aromatic essence of vanilla. Whether you use it in your favorite beverages, spread it on toast, or give it as a thoughtful gift, vanilla infused honey is sure to elevate your culinary creations. Let's dive into this delightful recipe!


1 cup mild honey (see note 1)

2 vanilla pods


Prepare the Vanilla Beans: Slice each vanilla pod in half lengthwise and use the back of a knife to scrape out the seeds. Transfer the seeds to a clean jar or resealable container. Cut the scraped pods in half and add all four pieces to the jar.

Combine the Ingredients:

Pour the honey into the jar containing the vanilla seeds and pods.

Infusion Process: Seal the jar tightly and let it steep at room temperature. Every couple of days, shake or flip the jar to ensure the beans are fully submerged in the honey. Note that the vanilla pods may float to the top initially. Allow the mixture to steep for at least 5 to 7 days, or longer for a stronger flavor.

Optional: If desired, remove the vanilla pods from the honey once the desired flavor is achieved (see note 2).


  1. Mild Honey: Choose a mild-tasting honey that allows the vanilla flavor to shine through. Light-colored honeys like Clover and Orange Blossom are typically mild in flavor. Feel free to taste-test different varieties to find your preference.
  2. Straining: While it is optional, you may prefer to strain out the vanilla pods once the infusion is complete. This will result in a smoother honey, but you can skip this step if you enjoy the added texture.

Yield: This recipe makes approximately 1 cup of vanilla bean honey.

Usage Ideas:

Spread the vanilla bean honey on toast, scones, bagels, muffins, or any baked goods for a delightful sweet treat.

Swirl a spoonful into a cup of tea, particularly in milky Earl Grey or Chai tea, to add a touch of aromatic sweetness.

Drizzle the honey over a bowl of yogurt, granola, and fresh berries for a luscious breakfast or snack.

Mix the honey with butter to create a delectable honey butter, perfect for slathering on muffins and other baked goods.

Prepare a honey syrup by combining equal parts honey and water (or adjust the ratio for a stronger syrup) to use in cocktails. Refrigerate the syrup for future use, ensuring you have a variety of flavors readily available.

Conclusion: With just two ingredients and a little patience, you can create a jar of homemade vanilla bean honey that will elevate your culinary endeavors. Whether you enjoy it in tea, on toast, or in creative recipes, this sweet infusion will add a touch of sophistication to your dishes. Indulge in the enticing flavors of vanilla and honey combined, and share the joy by gifting this homemade delicacy to your loved ones. Enjoy the delightful sweetness of vanilla bean honey!
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