Origin of NY Vanilla

The story started 20 years ago with a group of dreamers, a family in short; Mrs. Jamindar Deviyani, Mr. Samir Pandya, and Mrs. Nirali Pandya who wished to take the world of spices to the next level. As agreed, Samir Pandya, who was passionate about learning more about Vanilla; journeyed to Uganda, a country in East Africa. Like any other stranger in a country, he found Uganda a very warm and serene environment for him to
dream big. In his quest to learn more about vanilla, Samir found Ugandan Vanilla beans one of a kind; with his discovery, he could not go any further than Uganda; from where he and his colleagues built a foundation for Akshar Herbs and Spices Company and a brand, “NEWYORK VANILLA.

In 2006, Essence of Africa a parent company to Akshar Herbs and Spices Enterprise LLC Ltd Company was born. Essence of Africa’s main aim was and is to be able to create a more diversified agricultural environment that upholds the importance of organic methods of farming to conserve the environment. It has (Essence of Africa) worked for many years training 1000-plus farmers across different regions of Uganda; according them with good agricultural practices. Essence of Africa has been able to develop a client-based relationship over the years across Europe, East Asia, and the USA; supplying a variety of herbs and spices including Vanilla.

In 2017, the brightest idea to develop a retail brand evolved, and Akshar Herbs and Spices Company came into existence. This was the only way to expand our market and reach out to more customers across the globe. Akshar Herbs and Spices Enterprise LLC is based in Long Island in New York, produces, and processes products in Uganda working with a parent company, Essence of Africa; it is managed by Miss Jamindar Deviyani alongside a great production team.

In 2022, NewYork Vanilla emerged; there was a need to bring Vanilla into the spotlight and to make it more popular in the US market and among consumers. The Ugandan vanilla beans are remarkably of high quality as Madagascar vanilla beans; Uganda vanilla beans are creamy and extremely bold in flavor with an aroma reminiscent of figs, milk chocolate, and raisins perfect for desserts and so much more. NewYork Vanilla is Akshar Herbs and Spices’ premium brand, which has now spread to different platforms, and many have appreciated its quality.

The company stands on wits and commitment to the great leadership of Miss Jamindar Deviyani, Mr. Samir Pandya, and Mrs. Nirali Pandya three of the founders of Akshar Herbs and Spices, which like any other company need great leadership to survive all the hurdles and wins that may come along. Until today, the company believes in building, a good relationship with its customers and suppliers since good business builds trust.