We use traditional methods of farming that are certified hence reducing chemical overflow and pollution of the soils and watersheds; we emphasize organic methods of farming to conserve Mother Nature.

Hand Pollination

A special type of bee [Melipona bee] naturally pollinates
vanilla beans, but since it only exists in Mexico, we carry out
hand pollination of the vanilla orchids once the yellow vanilla flower blooms, and it is open for only a few hours
and only on one day of the year. We hand-pollinate each flower individually using toothpicks to produce vanilla beans.

This is a time-sensitive process that requires immediate action because the vanilla flower blooms and only opens for a few hours, if the flower falls, this means waiting until the next flowering in about one year’s


Contrary to other growing regions, vanilla grown in Uganda is harvested twice a year, due to the country’s distinct weather patterns. Harvesting is the most important stage in Vanilla Production since it determines the production of vanilla beans

The beans are ready to be harvested between 6-9months after flowering. Harvesting the pods at the right stage is essential as immature pods produce an inferior product and over-mature pods split during curing.


Not more than three days after harvesting, the beans are washed, then soaked in a solution of water for 10 seconds to 3 minutes at 150°–170°F (66°C  - 77°C). 

They are laid in the open air between sun and shade driving out moisture; too much sun can over dry the beans and destroy Vanillin. The worker massages each bean daily to make sure drying ccurs evenly; drying normally lasts for 6 to 10 weeks


Immediately after cooking, the beans are wrapped tightly in
warm blankets for two weeks and kept in the boxes, during
which it is essential to keep them warm. Daily exposure is
paramount to the flavor transformation and prevention of
molds on the vanilla beans and then the rolling and unrolling

Sorting and Grading

The vanilla beans are hand sorted and graded according to length, size, moisture content, and as per consumers’ requirements.

Vacuum Sealed For Flavor, Freshness and Longevity

All NewYork's Vanilla is vacuumed to keep it safe, fresh and maintain a longer shelf life.


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