What makes Vanilla beans "Gourmet" or "Grade A" Quality?

This is a common question for anyone who is new to using vanilla beans. Most people are always asking the difference between Gourmet and Grade A vanilla beans. Let us explore the qualities that make Gourmet or Grade A vanilla beans.

Vanillin is the primary component that gives vanilla its characteristic flavor and aroma. It is an aromatic compound found naturally in vanilla beans. The vanillin content is used as one of the main measures of quality and authenticity of vanilla beans. Pure, high-quality vanilla will have a rich, complex flavor with a vanillin content in the ideal range. Good vanilla beans range in vanillin percentage between 1.7% and 1.5%; Vanillin content differs from bean to bean and depends on harvest time, and curing techniques.

The quality of Vanilla beans is determined by the moisture content, the bean length, and condition. Moisture content is one of the most important aspects of high-grade vanilla. The Grade A or Gourmet vanilla beans have to be extremely moist. Vanilla beans with high moisture content will be soft to the touch and highly flexible when bent. It is common to see the oils extend from the vanilla bean when packaged in vacuum sealed bags. This is one of the characteristics of high-quality vanilla beans.

The vanilla bean length is also an indication of high vanilla bean quality. Grade A vanilla beans are typically over 8 inches, from 10cm or 20cm, in length. NY Vanilla offers 8 inches (10cm to 20 cm) Vanilla beans. Grade A vanilla beans should also be flexible and soft to the touch; Vanilla beans that appear to be stiff, split, or cracked are considered Grade B or Grade C.

At NY Vanilla, we have the utmost high quality vanilla beans that are exactly what anyone would wish for; to satisfy their culinary needs and more. The results of any flavoring or recipe entirely depends on the quality of the vanilla beans; It is very important put that in mind while purchasing Vanilla beans from stores or online stores. Therefore, the quality of Vanilla Beans should be taken into account depending on the purpose you may have for the vanilla beans.

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