Premium Vanilla Cuts - 1 lb. Cut from Whole Vanilla Beans Grade A | Cut and Sorted for Easy Use

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The premium vanilla bean cuts are perfect for an additional magnificent culinary experience as a reliable substitute for vanilla beans. Vanilla cuts are made from gourmet quality vanilla beans; they are cut into pieces that can be used easily. Vanilla pieces (also known as vanilla cuts) are an economical and convenient way to make vanilla by-products for example vanilla extract, vanilla paste, and vanilla powder. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes; the vanilla bean cuts have a sweet, perfumed aroma and a smoky flavor that amplifies and boosts the flavor and taste of pastries. Vanilla Cuts cater for customers who value quality and are passionate about cooking, baking, and exploring the world of culinary arts with Vanilla. The vanilla cuts like Vanilla beans can be used to explore new flavors and make new recipes, creating exquisite desserts and pastries. In addition to that, vanilla cuts are also used in creating homemade vanilla extracts, and beauty products and at the same time can also specialize in creating luxurious body scrubs, soaps, and candles that are perfect for pampering the body and skin. Vanilla cuts are the easiest ways to enhance the culinary experience since the vanilla pieces are of the same quality as the whole vanilla beans and are at a modest price, they make a perfect choice for your culinary work and homemade recipes.

Key Features 

  • VANILLA SUGAR & SALT; the vanilla bean cuts can be used to make Vanilla Salt, a flavoring that you can use in cookies use it in or on top of chocolate chip, butterscotch, or all-chocolate cookies, caramels, puddings, and more.
  • FLAVORED COFFEE & TEA; if you like vanilla coffee, save your vanilla cuts to stir your tea. You can add a vanilla cut to your coffee beans and grind them together. You can also steep the spent vanilla cut in tea with some honey according to your preference.
  • MAKE YOUR HOMEMADE VANILLA EXTRACT; the vanilla cuts are also used in making vanilla extracts; how? Fix the cuts in a jar, pour some alcohol or vodka, and let the bean cuts submerged in the alcohol. Close it tightly and keep it in a dry dark corner for six months to one year. Note; you should shake the mixture at least twice a week.
  • MULTIPURPOSE FUNCTION; Vanilla cuts have a wide range of uses for example industrial uses like making soap, perfumes, body scrubs etc. They are also used in confectionaries and bakeries to make pastries and desserts among others.
  • Feeling like making vanilla extract but not wanting to do the work? Try these real vanilla bean cuts and take the work out of the process.
  • Substitution for Madagascar vanilla bean ✅- Uganda has one of the best vanilla beans in the world. Madagascar is now known as second place top Vanilla beans
  • 【Fresh and Premium Vanilla Beans】: Our triple check process ensures that only the highest quality vanilla beans are delivered by checking size, odor, aroma and appearance before packing into our commercial vacuum sealer. Vacuum packaging is used to maximize the freshness of the vanilla beans.